Monday, October 11, 2010

Using "replace" one-time elimination of the hard carriage return

Analysis: Xiaoyu Columbia

Have received many enthusiastic users of the Draft, manuscript in TXT format, save the file, open only to find that adding a hard carriage return every row, very easy handling. In desperation had to manually delete one by one. If the manuscript is very long, then the workload is very large. Was forced to deal with fixed point their brains, so there is the birth of this article.

1, the full document to WORD in the paste;

2, press Ctrl + H, a "find and replace" form, position the cursor in the "Find what", the point of "Advanced", select "special characters" in the "paragraph mark."

3, then "Find what" appears "^ p" word, do not bother to switch the cursor to "replace the content", no longer need to input blank.

4, "Replace All", later in the pop-up prompts.

The benefits of this approach is to eliminate all the hard carriage return once to remove manually remove the pain; course, there are insufficient, the article content is the original paragraph is lost because the WORD, the paragraph mark that is a hard carriage return , you need to re-adjust the article's paragraphs.

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