Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Torch Light" Warrior VH little experience difficulty

Has been unhurried playing small soldiers, unknowingly to 30, are also considered a bit careful got, and share with you ~

In the VH difficulty, the character level, or somewhat important, and can quickly rise in rank to shape the skills system early, so when more than 10 class thought they could get some map-class, regional underground city can also go playing, but These maps are a Gold probability is higher than the main line, the basic one will be able to get every piece in gold or rare purple installed, upgrade to play Po correct, cool!

Pre-property point to wear equipment or added after the defense bar, not only increases the physical defense but also add a little resistance (although there is little additional equipment 銆傘?銆?, because if output is not bad enough, as little as possible is dead benevolent.

Active skills early on with a sweeping attack with a very useful skill, early a sufficient (the skills to fill, then later estimates are very good). The first skill Tertiary Mirage fighters also add that the very early use, but also block Gag (This skill looks like a BUG, repeated use can stack the block, panel divider ratio to 50% can be, but I double hold even at the weapons have never been outside the block once the block 銆傘?銆?銆?Take a good pre-shield, because I have never held a state in two-over divider out, poor pre-viability, there is less shield allows you to death many times (seemingly weapons dodged a BUG, dual wielding is very tragic, tear Ben ~ ~ ~)

Other active skills also used the ice shield, and by reducing the percentage of physical and magical damage by, one will have 29%, it is God and technology, unfortunately only 20 seconds duration, to often, as the group of halo skills and three lines that can break the enemy's aura of personal feelings are not much to complain Dayong, group halo plus 1 point is enough for gold strange is invalid. Other active skills I just added a first line of assault, feeling no use. . .

Passive skills, the added experience and reputation for speed and the effect of the medicine to fill the skills will be the first time, it is a very useful skill ah, rank and prestige rose fast, you can go sideways in the main line underground in the city to increase the solution effect is even more safe and save money. Crit skills are also the first time to fill, 120% extra crit damage and 10% critical strike rate is very good, with equipment and precious stones to enhance the crit rate to 30%, and the output is very impressive, and if also increases crit damage equipment that is good, I was lucky and hit a golden shoulders, plus two 80% crit rate and crit damage. Weapons literally by the block description of the skills should be useful, but now looks like a little BUG. . . Daoshi defensive magic skill level that can add a few points to consider appropriate, because the duration of an accelerated basis, only 7 seconds. . .

To 25, soldiers of the spring came, the first big move Department of ultimate destruction, it is a good use of skills (that cost too much blue, money rushing trickle ah ~), remember to scroll to accelerate skills Gao Ge, accelerated with the destruction, Wow, the more strange when 鎵撴? more happy, reaching 30 claimed over the hard layer after the soldiers is absolutely the way I rolled, Xiaoguai the violence is second, although their attacks is high, But my soldiers have accelerated in the body they always had time to attack and hung up, and sometimes even that will not charge the blame will be washed me! 5 rounds poison dart mage basically can not hit me, she calls Small drug zombies completely in seconds, even more strange, there is ice shield in time to take medicine in the body does not hang together, 30 to 34 stories is my VH difficulty in playing the fastest, least dead layers, 5 layers hang together only once (because acceleration time of only 7 seconds to accelerate up to the frequent fill up the ice shield Mirage fighters, the results did not pay attention to blood medication is basically linked to the 銆傘?銆?, gold blame resolved within 6 seconds, But sometimes they will be repulsed me into not hit the corners, the only Paoyuan point out to their own.

The ultimate effect of the third line is not clear how the dual, because no points added. . . Titan system and the ultimate weapon DPS seemingly unrelated, can be ignored.

Scroll skills, throwing a group therapy for pets in Gaoge what's on the line calls, his body must take a speed! A high level of speed reel is a strong foundation soldiers ~! Identification of patients had better take a can out the installation provinces Accreditation of space, the other useful magic is not very understanding (mainly a bit difficult for a lot of skills in English I do not understand... Khan, a).

Equipment property as far as possible to crit rate and crit damage, then the casting speed! Casting speed of the soldiers is very important, but rather attack speed skills of no use, because the torch set, the spell cast speed affect the skills, attack speed only affects normal attacks, while the pre-soldiers in addition to basically do not Pugong! experience an additional increase in MF and the rate of property is good, the characters never too high level, the best equipment is never too much, haha. Percentage increase of various physical and magical damage of property are more important to me there is an increase of 20% 20% 12% melee attacks and 9% of all physical and magic attacks, hurt a great deal. Stone with stone on the plug crit crit stone, other stone features add to see their equipment, such as upon a large number of fire damage increases the percentage of the property to increase the flame stone.

So much on it, write a bit messy, we make do with Kanba ~

Add this: First of all very sorry, just try a little, arms divider fully effective, two holding hands or arms can take the block ~! (The original plus full screen too quickly Shaguai crit number so did not see...)

35 levels just to kill BOSS, it is easy ah, that is, too much blood BOSS, Red Medicine Blue Medicine, had spent more than 20 bottles of the only death. . . BOSS turn up around the side of the side destruction, calls out Xiaoguai smoothly on the killing. . . BOSS out two gold, unfortunately can not refresh ~ ~ BOSS

BOSS died after the completion of the main line, you can go to the cemetery, the entrance to the mission two more NPC, playing the 2nd floor, feeling the difficulty is not low, appears to be an infinite MF. . . .



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