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ABC classification of goods

In manufacturing goods is often based on the value and importance of the ABC classification of the items used to manage. When a business use to a lot of items, the item classification is an effective management approach, for example, inventory checks can focus on objects and ignore A Class C Class items; in the analysis of safety stock setting of a reasonable, A first assessment should be re-assessed categories of articles last C class items.

1. ABC classification of the general approach

The most basic classification is based on the current inventory to calculate the amount and classification of inventory table, for example, if the business principles set ABC Category: 75,15,10, that is, 75% of the value of the inventory items belongs to A class, 15% of the value of the items belong to B, 10% of the value of the items belong to C class. Based on these basic information, you can follow these steps to carry out calculation and classification:

[1] beginning with the largest amount of all items according to their order; [2] calculated the value of each item the proportion of the total value, and calculate the ratio of total value; [3] According to the ABC classification principles have been identified, compared the cumulative value of each line item to determine the proportion of their respective categories.

Different companies can use different methods, according to the results of different methods of calculation are not the same. The calculation process is only one way for ABC classification, this method is the simplest one classification method, because the inventory information is relatively easy access is also more accurate. However, if a company's goods consumption is very uneven, often used in many new items, and some old items no longer needed because of the sluggish stock items will be, in this case, as with the stock balances Lai ABC classification becomes the basis for calculation is not appropriate, then we can adopt another way. Here we analyzed several different ways:

To a period of time in front of the consumption amount calculated on the basis

This approach is not to balance the value of inventory items is calculated based on, but some time before the actual value of the goods consumed in the calculation basis. Assume that "earlier time" refers to "the month", then the calculation is as follows:

[1] The amount of all items by issue month (month to issue the balance amount of X month price) from big to small order; [2] start from scratch, the value of each item the proportion of the total value, and calculate the ratio of total value; [ 3] According to the ABC classification principles have been identified, compared to the cumulative value of each line item to determine the proportion of their respective categories;

The two calculation methods produce very different results, for example, if a particular item to calculate the amount of inventory balances, are C class articles, and in accordance with the previous period to calculate the actual amount consumed, but became A-class articles.

To the needs of the next period of time is calculated based on the amount consumed

This method is not inventory to see what is not is to look at what happened in the past consumption, but rather with how the needs of the future. Calculation: The items in the future need to consume the amount of time (month balance of the price X for some time need to consume the quantity) is calculated on the basis, then the ratio under the various items to determine their share of the amount of ABC classification.

2. Companies do pay attention to what ABC classification

Several listed above ABC classification calculation methods, different methods lead to different results, this is normal is correct. Manufacturing businesses in varied management needs are also different. Some companies concerned about information in accordance with the consumption of the past reserves of materials, but also some companies pay more attention to customer orders directly to demand-pull on the material, in different situations, companies can determine the most appropriate method own ABC. At the same time, companies do pay attention when ABC classification of the following:

Reasonable to determine the respective proportion of ABC classification

Some enterprises have set the ratio of ABC: 80,15,5, and the enterprise as: 70,20,10. We say that ratio is only a "gauge", is according to the needs and goals set. Even a business division of the ABC is not just three, while the use of the ABCD four categories, these are possible. The so-called ABC classification, only provide a way to ABC is not limited to only three.

ABC classification key to determine what basis

Is based on the actual situation can be designed according to business, not single, not static. If an enterprise should not only take into account the current stock value, we should also take into account future demand, then also a "weighted" approach, the ultimate goal is to really express the results of ABC classification of the actual situation of enterprises to meet business management needs.

But also to determine the validity of ABC classification

Enterprises in the daily operation of the process, will continue to produce all kinds of information and is sufficient to affect the classification of ABC results, keep sending and receiving data such as inventory changes have been planned to demand information are constantly changing, we can say: at any time to re-run the ABC classification calculation process, the classification results will be produced and the last one was different, in this case, we need to keep a stable ABC classification, re-calculated to determine the cycle.

3. ABC classification of the role of

ABC classification is in accordance with the enterprise value and importance of the items were classified in the articles have focused on management, for example:

To cut costs, as the cost of compressed A class of goods or the purchase price, and find ways to reduce the loss rate of A Class articles

A class of single articles may be of great value, single value may be small but significant consumption, therefore, reduce its cost or the cost of the purchase price for the total decline is obvious effects.

If you want to compress stock funds, on the possible cost of compressed A class of goods or the purchase price, and find ways to reduce the number of A class of stock items

A class is the number of items not priced high, so the total amount will be higher, so stock funds should be compressed to the compressed A better way is to type the cost of goods, purchase price and inventory, this is an easy effective way.

If you want an accurate inventory records, then the strategy can make use of cycle counting Class A inventory items are high-frequency

Inventory of the traditional methods of business are the following defects: [1] inventory, the transceiver operation to stop (closing inventory); [2] important inventory items and important items is the same frequency. Now many businesses have adopted the strategy of the cycle inventory, items can be set after the ABC classification of inventory cycle provide the basis for the frequency.

If you want to consider the security of supply, when considering capacity and stability, but also concerned about the A class of goods as before

In terms of supply security, the supply of some items may take some preventive measures. Therefore, enterprises need to consider the general class of objects A, A class of materials as possible to enact preventive measures to ensure security of supply.

ABC classification is a strategy, the key point is to use ABC to express the different importance of different items in order to better target enterprise management.

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Dreamweaver MX 2004 from scratch (7)

As already introduced the Dreamweaver MX 2004 on the basic methods of operation, flexible use of these methods can form a beautiful site. After completion of these operations, we settled down in the history of the Internet can be said to have walked a half, and the rest is to upload web pages to the site and post a maintenance update operation. In fact, these tasks are not complicated as long as we have built through the Dreamweaver MX 2004 site management features can be easily achieved!

Custom site

First of all we have to find some of the Internet home page of space for storage, then we can in Dreamweaver MX 2004 on this site for some customization.

First run "Site 鈫?Manage Sites" command, and pop-up window, click the "New 鈫?Site" button to create a new site.

The second step in the Site Settings window, left side and select "Local Info" one, then the right side of the region enter the name of the site, respectively, the local storage of information such as file path.

The third step system in the left part of the window select "Remote Info" one, then the Department of area in the right time to enter the application space got a remote FTP site transfer type (usually FTP), remote server storing the file path, host address, information such as user name and password. But should also site of the transfer mode to choose whether to adopt the "Use passive FTP" one, because part of the FTP site using passive mode, for this part of the site is necessary to select the (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Note: all information entered is complete, you can click "Test" button to see if able to successfully log on to remote FTP server.

After confirmation of the fourth step, Dreamweaver MX 2004 will automatically appear on the site supporting panel, in this first click on "Connect" button to establish a connection with the remote station, then press the most right side of the panel supporting the "Expand / Collapse" button, then the can be extended auxiliary panel display (Figure 2). By default, the left window shows the files in the remote site, the right window is a local hard disk file.

Figure 2

Department of the fifth step in the right window using the mouse select the local hard disk of the uploaded file, and drag it to the left side and the corresponding directory of the remote server to start the file transfer operation, wait a moment after the completion of the file upload task.

Tip: you can "Shift" or "Ctrl" button to select multiple file upload.

All files uploaded in the website, we can open the IE browser, enter the appropriate URL address to see the elaborate after the site.

Synchronous update site

Synchronous update the website allows you to synchronize a local folder and remote management functionality of the website, when your website to upload and update repeated may make the remote site over a number of unwanted old documents, which a waste of space, time synchronization can make use of file synchronization feature to update the site.

The first step in entering the site in Dreamweaver MX 2004 window, log on to the remote server will complement the panel after the switch to extended mode, then setting the local folders and remote server's directory.

The second step in the secondary panel to run "Site 鈫?Synchronize" command, then see the dialog box shown in Figure 3. First "Synchroniz" drop-down menu, select the entire site or selected files, then from the "Direction" drop-down list, select "Put newer files to romote" one, so you can automatically search for Dreamweaver MX 2004 by the local folder updated files uploaded to a remote server.

Figure 3

Tip: Select the "Delete remote files not on local files" can prompt a local folder to delete unwanted junk files.

The third step is click "Preview" button will appear as shown in Figure 4, the preview window, where you can see the need to upload the file list, confirmed after the click "OK" button to start the update operation.

Figure 4

After completing the update, Dreamweaver MX 2004 will be in the window shown in Figure 4 shows the results of the update, this site can help us understand the synchronization update is complete.

In mastering the operation of the above, we can not only directly through the completion of Dreamweaver MX 2004 files to upload, but also in post-maintenance convenience. Lastly, I hope we can help Dreamweaver MX 2004 to produce unique websites, do not forget to let us have come to appreciate some yo!



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Using "replace" one-time elimination of the hard carriage return

Analysis: Xiaoyu Columbia

Have received many enthusiastic users of the Draft, manuscript in TXT format, save the file, open only to find that adding a hard carriage return every row, very easy handling. In desperation had to manually delete one by one. If the manuscript is very long, then the workload is very large. Was forced to deal with fixed point their brains, so there is the birth of this article.

1, the full document to WORD in the paste;

2, press Ctrl + H, a "find and replace" form, position the cursor in the "Find what", the point of "Advanced", select "special characters" in the "paragraph mark."

3, then "Find what" appears "^ p" word, do not bother to switch the cursor to "replace the content", no longer need to input blank.

4, "Replace All", later in the pop-up prompts.

The benefits of this approach is to eliminate all the hard carriage return once to remove manually remove the pain; course, there are insufficient, the article content is the original paragraph is lost because the WORD, the paragraph mark that is a hard carriage return , you need to re-adjust the article's paragraphs.

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"Torch Light" Warrior VH little experience difficulty

Has been unhurried playing small soldiers, unknowingly to 30, are also considered a bit careful got, and share with you ~

In the VH difficulty, the character level, or somewhat important, and can quickly rise in rank to shape the skills system early, so when more than 10 class thought they could get some map-class, regional underground city can also go playing, but These maps are a Gold probability is higher than the main line, the basic one will be able to get every piece in gold or rare purple installed, upgrade to play Po correct, cool!

Pre-property point to wear equipment or added after the defense bar, not only increases the physical defense but also add a little resistance (although there is little additional equipment 銆傘?銆?, because if output is not bad enough, as little as possible is dead benevolent.

Active skills early on with a sweeping attack with a very useful skill, early a sufficient (the skills to fill, then later estimates are very good). The first skill Tertiary Mirage fighters also add that the very early use, but also block Gag (This skill looks like a BUG, repeated use can stack the block, panel divider ratio to 50% can be, but I double hold even at the weapons have never been outside the block once the block 銆傘?銆?銆?Take a good pre-shield, because I have never held a state in two-over divider out, poor pre-viability, there is less shield allows you to death many times (seemingly weapons dodged a BUG, dual wielding is very tragic, tear Ben ~ ~ ~)

Other active skills also used the ice shield, and by reducing the percentage of physical and magical damage by, one will have 29%, it is God and technology, unfortunately only 20 seconds duration, to often, as the group of halo skills and three lines that can break the enemy's aura of personal feelings are not much to complain Dayong, group halo plus 1 point is enough for gold strange is invalid. Other active skills I just added a first line of assault, feeling no use. . .

Passive skills, the added experience and reputation for speed and the effect of the medicine to fill the skills will be the first time, it is a very useful skill ah, rank and prestige rose fast, you can go sideways in the main line underground in the city to increase the solution effect is even more safe and save money. Crit skills are also the first time to fill, 120% extra crit damage and 10% critical strike rate is very good, with equipment and precious stones to enhance the crit rate to 30%, and the output is very impressive, and if also increases crit damage equipment that is good, I was lucky and hit a golden shoulders, plus two 80% crit rate and crit damage. Weapons literally by the block description of the skills should be useful, but now looks like a little BUG. . . Daoshi defensive magic skill level that can add a few points to consider appropriate, because the duration of an accelerated basis, only 7 seconds. . .

To 25, soldiers of the spring came, the first big move Department of ultimate destruction, it is a good use of skills (that cost too much blue, money rushing trickle ah ~), remember to scroll to accelerate skills Gao Ge, accelerated with the destruction, Wow, the more strange when 鎵撴? more happy, reaching 30 claimed over the hard layer after the soldiers is absolutely the way I rolled, Xiaoguai the violence is second, although their attacks is high, But my soldiers have accelerated in the body they always had time to attack and hung up, and sometimes even that will not charge the blame will be washed me! 5 rounds poison dart mage basically can not hit me, she calls Small drug zombies completely in seconds, even more strange, there is ice shield in time to take medicine in the body does not hang together, 30 to 34 stories is my VH difficulty in playing the fastest, least dead layers, 5 layers hang together only once (because acceleration time of only 7 seconds to accelerate up to the frequent fill up the ice shield Mirage fighters, the results did not pay attention to blood medication is basically linked to the 銆傘?銆?, gold blame resolved within 6 seconds, But sometimes they will be repulsed me into not hit the corners, the only Paoyuan point out to their own.

The ultimate effect of the third line is not clear how the dual, because no points added. . . Titan system and the ultimate weapon DPS seemingly unrelated, can be ignored.

Scroll skills, throwing a group therapy for pets in Gaoge what's on the line calls, his body must take a speed! A high level of speed reel is a strong foundation soldiers ~! Identification of patients had better take a can out the installation provinces Accreditation of space, the other useful magic is not very understanding (mainly a bit difficult for a lot of skills in English I do not understand... Khan, a).

Equipment property as far as possible to crit rate and crit damage, then the casting speed! Casting speed of the soldiers is very important, but rather attack speed skills of no use, because the torch set, the spell cast speed affect the skills, attack speed only affects normal attacks, while the pre-soldiers in addition to basically do not Pugong! experience an additional increase in MF and the rate of property is good, the characters never too high level, the best equipment is never too much, haha. Percentage increase of various physical and magical damage of property are more important to me there is an increase of 20% 20% 12% melee attacks and 9% of all physical and magic attacks, hurt a great deal. Stone with stone on the plug crit crit stone, other stone features add to see their equipment, such as upon a large number of fire damage increases the percentage of the property to increase the flame stone.

So much on it, write a bit messy, we make do with Kanba ~

Add this: First of all very sorry, just try a little, arms divider fully effective, two holding hands or arms can take the block ~! (The original plus full screen too quickly Shaguai crit number so did not see...)

35 levels just to kill BOSS, it is easy ah, that is, too much blood BOSS, Red Medicine Blue Medicine, had spent more than 20 bottles of the only death. . . BOSS turn up around the side of the side destruction, calls out Xiaoguai smoothly on the killing. . . BOSS out two gold, unfortunately can not refresh ~ ~ BOSS

BOSS died after the completion of the main line, you can go to the cemetery, the entrance to the mission two more NPC, playing the 2nd floor, feeling the difficulty is not low, appears to be an infinite MF. . . .



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CSS in the minimum height (min-height) of the Magical Effect

BOX minimum height can be set to a minimum height, when its content less often, but also to maintain a certain height BOX, beyond the automatic downward, but so far, only Opera and Mozilla support, IE7 began to also support , but the IE7 beta, so the official version posted to the popular may be a relatively long period of time, unless it is tied to a MS operating system, how the existing basis (IE6 80-90%), rational, magical effect Minimum height of it?

Assume that there are two BOX, we need it the least height 150PX.


div.box1, div.box2 (

width: 300px;

min-height: 150px;

background: # EEE;

float: left;

margin-right: 20px;



IE, did not maintain a minimum height of 150px

BOX minimum height can be set to a minimum height,

When the content less often, but also to maintain a certain height BOX

Now the effect of, IE in not maintaining the minimum height of 150px. The solution, in order to set a high IE.

* Html div.box1, * html div.box2 (height: 150px;)

You can also use CSS attribute selectors (Attribute Selectors)

div.box1, div.box2 (...... height: 150px;)

/ * IE depend on maintaining the minimum height, beyond the automatic downward backup / bin / bin_old / conf / data / eshow / log / maint / news: 10 / news: 11 / news: 12 / news: 13 / news: 14 / news: 15 / news: 16 / news: 17 / news: 18 / news: 2 / news: 3 / news: 4 / news: 5 / news: 6 / news: 7 / news: 8 / news: 9 / seeds / svn / tasks / tmp / xml2dict-read-only /

div [class]. box1, div [class]. box2 (height: auto;)

/ * A class selector (class) attributes of DIV object backup / bin / bin_old / conf / data / eshow / log / maint / news: 10 / news: 11 / news: 12 / news: 13 / news: 14 / news : 15 / news: 16 / news: 17 / news: 18 / news: 2 / news: 3 / news: 4 / news: 5 / news: 6 / news: 7 / news: 8 / news: 9 / seeds / svn / tasks / tmp / xml2dict-read-only /

IE is not supported by Natural Rights, Opera and Mozilla support, read this highly. To applications: search, articles page (not using 100% high, when the contents of seized less time, and will not page too short.

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3G market to look forward to

Monday broader market started Shenfutiaozheng by the close index closed at 1863 points, down 19.58 points, turnover was 28.4 billion, compared atrophy. The tape market outlook, we believe that the general trend still bullish. Since 2006, China issued new stock fund growth in the outbreak period, share of equity funds raised a record high.

9 months ago, a total of 63 starters completed the Fund, the total size of up to 238.5 billion were raised. Among them, type Kikinda 49 partial shares, the total size of up to 169.6 billion were raised, more than 2005 year-end stock funds 162 600 000 000 partial copies of the total stock size. Meanwhile, some industry sources, if there are no major macroeconomic adjustment, annual results of listed companies is expected to hit a new high since 1995, the performance of the next 1-2 years will probably continue to grow on this basis. Of course, there are many factors on the adjustment, the most important is that we feel the situation has become increasingly prominent bluff index. The major market indices such as contrast, can be found, except at Shanghai Composite Index hit a rise since 2001, adjusted high of things, both the Shenzhen Composite Index or the index of small plates to be much more vulnerable, including small and medium board index has been formed in July high point, the recent downward trend in the formation of a U-turn, while the Shenzhen Composite Index failed to break through the high point in 2004. Shanghai Composite Index for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China of which the Bank of China and other super-large capitalization stocks listed on the index increase brought the main reason for excluding these factors, the Shanghai index will be greatly reduced. Second, "small non-" the lifting of the ban, is also a negative factor. On the whole, the current market is still being run on the adjustment of city, wet storage is necessary, short-term market operations to keep up with the hot and subject matter, which may focus on 3G segment.

Search news side, we note that 2006 will be 3G in China Global Summit on November 15 to 16 at the Beijing Friendship Hotel. The summit has been considered the impact of 3G policy decision-making "wind vane" meeting, in accordance with the previous schedule, the meeting disclosed TD-SCDMA will be the latest test results. So the summit is expected to be lit the fuse 3G market.

Of course, the emergence of 3G market has its inevitable factor in the process.

3G plate with immense potential and imagination. According to conservative estimates, in our construction of a nationwide 3G mobile network, the funds needed thousands of 100 million yuan, while at the same time, if our government to Mobile, Unicom, Telecom, Netcom, Railcom five major carriers issuing 3G licenses only five operators to build network equipment purchase amount will be more than 1 trillion yuan. According to CATR expected, 3G in China put into operation within 5 years after market introduction phase, and growth stage, 3G users will reach from 198 million to 266 million, operating income accumulated 6 years 3G will reach 1 trillion yuan , 3G system equipment market will reach 590 billion yuan total, 3G terminal market will reach 400 billion yuan total.

Policies to promote the development of 3G industry there. National launch of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" suggests that according to the digital information industry, network, intelligent general trend, to develop integrated circuits, software and other core industries, focusing on cultivating the digital audio and video, a new generation of mobile communications. 3G plate is also the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan," the support key. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" proposed, should focus on cultivating a new generation of mobile communications and network equipment and other information industry group to promote universal access and application of information technology, 3G is undoubtedly the "during" the focus of our development.

In the 3G market, we can focus on two 3G dark horse. Ultrasonic Electronics (000,823) and BOCO (600 289). The former has the performance guarantee, which judging from the cash flow is expected to replace the Datang Telecom to become the leading 3G Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock contend the city of Gao Hong.

Ultrasonic Electronics (000823): potential 3G theme. Company is the exclusive domestic mobile phone PCB supporting enterprises, many domestic brands of electronic printed circuit board production by ultrasound, of course, also included in the domestic production of 3G phones, ultrasonic electronic entitled "China's highest PCB past. "

BOCO (600 289): The company continues to maintain in the mobile phone network in the field of technology and market advantage. Transmission resources in the Chinese mobile network management system in one successful tender to obtain a unified national 31 provinces and headquarters construction project; China Unicom's VoIP network management systems market share of 70%. The company's OSS in the 2G market share 60% -70% market share. In 2006 the first batch of innovative enterprises selected for the pilot (released by the Ministry of Science, etc.).

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Team of four key "people"

A business is a team in this team, the 4 key factors - leadership, communication, sales, human interaction - determine the fate of the team.
Team leader

As a team leader, your own self-confidence you have charisma? You make employees willing to take orders from you? Do you know how to build consensus, to the team to achieve common goals? In the "efficient team of 24 law", the world's greatest football coach of the text Silongbadi Although it is not business elite, has not operated several multi-billion dollar company, but he will be a waste into a team culture Support super-champion team. His successful leadership experience for Americans, and even administrators worldwide admiration. In fact, the test team and facing a crisis, and a similar place in a company. Any team leader, first of all to recognize their abilities, then develop their own character and integrity, and to instill a winning team ideas, inspire them to play beyond the physical and functional capacity can bear, he led Zhezhi team may be harvested only.

A clear understanding of their own leaders in a time when the advantages and disadvantages, we must first ask yourself the hard question: Do you have a supreme life, willing to wholeheartedly into the goal? One for all you do have meaningful goals? Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "What is my job? I need to do what? What I understand? I can not escape responsibility for what is the matter?" To be effective leader must have the courage responsibility, which requires the courage burning his boats. Do not believe the myth that instant success. Perhaps when we are seemingly effortless to celebrate the successful adults, they often overlook many of them have been exhausted. For the leader, the most important thing is to remember that success is the only result of your leadership is brought about by the final result.


Communication is the most frequently today's society one of the things, customer communication activities contained in the risk factors will usually appear in the activities, such as planning, organizing, defining moment for those who prepare. Only at the right time for the right things, success will be realized communication. "24 principles of customer communication," the author, the world's leading customer management experts Furniss pointed out that the customer is the ultimate buyers, so each client to discuss the goal should be to what action will be taken, rather than what they will take initiative to communicate . In the process of dealing with customers, communication officers to focus on to become professionals. Which brand you get a university degree or with any title and can not guarantee that you will be able to become a professional, you are doing today, they can only let you in today be called a professional. A professional communication staff should be very clear, what is the customer interested in and what is not interested in what is likely to be interested in what is absolutely not to mention the situation to avoid. In the process of communication with customers, are bound to be difficult to resolve the problem, a professional communications staff will approach the issue raised, and the angle of a customer's best option. Moreover, professional staff will try to break the barriers of business customers, with a friend of mind to communicate with customers, so not only won the trust of customers, but also for the boss to win the market share.


In the sales process, you often can not completely control the client, which is quite exciting. Because in today's business world, to rely solely on product knowledge or technical expertise to market is no longer effective. As an open and convenient source of information, the Internet allows customers to get more information than ever before. In this case, you and your customers the level of understanding of the product information is no longer the biggest difference between you. "Successful marketing 24 strategy", author Linda Richardson pointed out that the role of sales is no longer about products but to convey a message to the client, that information into the features of the product, it benefits to the customer and evaluation of your products and ideas, these must be suited to the needs of customers.

Most salespeople are using the popular sales model for decades, that is old, has proven ineffective, and blindly emphasis on product features and benefits of the model. Many sales staff is always eager to talk about their own products, unchanged from a particular type of product rather than the customer's point of view began to talk. Now, sales is a demanding job. Customer relationship in the 21st century, the sales staff must change their roles, that is from the "experts" to "resource providers."


In the "24 Commandments of interpersonal workplace," a book, 闆峰厠甯冩灄鍏?Man Boshi lists the 10 most popular type of behavior. They are tank-type, sniper type, grenade type, Jack of all trades type, leave Jack of all trades type, nice type, indecisive type, remained silent type, no type, type and other complaints. Tank-type radical and ruthless people will take any means, did not hesitate to destroy all the stops. Sniper type of people for some reason you as the object of resentment, Aspects of Intellectual your weaknesses. Grenade-type people like to rage, with the existing with the environment. Jack of all trades type of person in full flight, eloquent, but reluctant to make a little time to listen to others point of view. False jack of all trades type not know too much, but they themselves have never think so. Nice type of people to express their approval very fast time, hesitant to express their point has landed. Type of people hesitant in making important decisions, always putting off the decision. Remain silent type who will not tell you want to know anything, you never get feedback. Negative people are always negative, the others go into pessimism and despair. Type of people always complain about indulging in their own troubles, and continue to complain.

So, whether you're an individual or as team director of human resources, must see that he is not one of them, they have not committed such an error, then try to discover the advantages of each side, so that their performance needs, to make their team more competitive, more cohesive.


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